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TecMint is one of the fastest growing website for all kind of Linux stuff, we as a team spend tons of time and efforts to come up with the useful and easy to understand articles on Linux and Open Source Technology for all our readers in their day-­to-­day life.

TecMint is a non-profit website that generates income by advertising only. The money is used to pay hosting and bandwidth bills, to purchase hardware equipments or software equipments and to reward our authors for writing such Unique, knowledgeable and useful article for you. In return all we need is your strong support to stay alive and keep providing our services to you all.

We have also recently started an initiative LinuxSay Forum to make a community where people can ask their Linux related queries, share their errors which they are facing in Linux and get help with others in a very interactive interface.

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Latest Donations


DateCountryDonorAmount Donated
16-09-2019United StatesPaul Abrahams$5.00 USD
10-09-2019United StatesKevin Nuth$5.00 USD
31-08-2019United StatesWalter STIELTJES$20.00 USD
06-08-2019United StatesWalter STIELTJES$5.00 USD
01-07-2019United StatesPeter Gallagher$20.00 USD
06-06-2019United StatesHoward Collier$120.00 USD
24-05-2019United StatesJon Rutherford$10.00 USD
22-05-2019United StatesJames Miller$12.00 USD
21-04-2019United StatesMaggi Rush$5.00 USD
21-04-2019United StatesJim Kaigh$5.00 USD
21-04-2019United StatesLatoya Johnson$5.00 USD
21-04-2019United StatesBrad Jennings$5.00 USD
19-04-2019United StatesLuis Debs-Mallar$10.00 USD
01-04-2019United StatesPink Island Productions$10.00 USD
03-03-2019IndiaIqbal Yusuf$10.00 USD
14-03-2019United StatesJohn Abbott$30.00 USD
06-02-2019United StatesHoward Collier$200.00 USD
30-01-2019United StatesPhat Huynh$10.00 USD
26-01-2019United StatesColin Singh$5.00 USD
22-12-2018ChinaYu-Chiang Hsu$10.00 USD
19-12-2018United StatesWalter STIELTJES$5.00 USD
14-11-2018United StatesJohn Moody$2.00 USD
03-11-2018United StatesMikko Sorvali$5.00 USD
28-10-2018United StatesLawrence Bressler$5.00 USD
30-09-2018United StatesBrandon Conley$3.82 USD
26-08-2018United StatesSimon Assefa$10.00 USD
23-08-2018United StatesNicolas Jeker$7.00 USD
21-07-2018United StatesBrian Matthews$45.00 USD
27-06-2018United StatesCedrick Hoodye$5.00 USD
15-05-2018United StatesDavid Akopov$5.00 USD
04-04-2018United StatesStanislaw$10.00 USD
10-03-2018United StatesFabio Bottini$3.00 USD
11-02-2018United StatesSampsa Laapotti$5.00 USD
01-02-2018ChinaSoon Ao Ling$10.00 USD
01-01-2018United StatesFreddy Rojas$2.00 USD
10-12-2017United StatesPeter Weidner$30.00 USD
03-12-2017United StatesMarc Dechico$5.00 USD
07-11-2017United StatesJaume Llardén Prieto$5.00 USD
07-11-2017United StatesBob Bozanic$10.00 USD
29-10-2017United StatesDavid G$10.00 USD
08-10-2017United StatesWalter Stieltjes$10.00 USD
23-09-2017United StatesMartin King$15.00 USD
08-08-2017United StatesGabriel Mark$35.00 USD
25-07-2017United StatesBrian Tom$55.00 USD
25-06-2017United StatesBrian Tague$25.00 USD
19-06-2017United StatesWalter Stieltjes$5.00 USD
13-06-2017United StatesJustin Hill$20.00 USD
09-06-2017United StatesWalt Kimbrough$20.00 USD
30-05-2017United StatesJuan Salvador$5.00 USD
22-05-2017IndiaJeffrey Coombs$20.00 USD
04-05-2017IndiaPraveen Bhamidipati$16.00 USD
04-05-2017United Ltd$15.00 USD
19-04-2017United StatesTecnd$10.00 USD
10-04-2017United StatesMichael Faulkner$10.00 USD
05-03-2017United StatesTheerayooth Kosin$27.00 USD
20-02-2017United StatesMichael Poole$6.00 USD
15-02-2017United StatesManuel Vazquez$2.00 USD
18-01-2017United StatesJames Taylor$10.00 USD
07-01-2017United StatesJames Taggart$15.00 USD
03-01-2017United StatesHoward Collier$300.00 USD
02-01-2017United StatesRonald Taylor$10.00 USD
24-12-2016ScotlandDuncan Black$5.00 USD
20-12-2016IndiaArun Srinivasan$35.00 USD
17-12-2016United StatesElvin Wilkerson$33.00 USD
14-12-2016United StatesCarlo ROATTA$14.00 USD
26-11-2016United StatesJoshua Spruce$2.00 USD
20-11-2016IndiaHemant Patel$10.00 USD
18-11-2016United StatesRandolph Blum$10.00 USD
15-11-2016United StatesWayne Pawelski$5.00 USD
30-09-2016United StatesLaurenz F$1.00 USD
21-09-2016United StatesJose Brizuela$10.00 USD
14-09-2016FranceJean Paul Zimmermann$20.00 USD
29-08-2016United StatesHoward Collier$250.00 USD
09-08-2016Czech RepublicPavel Kaiser$2.00 USD
01-08-2016United KingdonWalter STIELTJES$5.00 USD
21-07-2016United KingdonJay Wiener$25.00 USD
07-05-2016United KingdonPeter Beckford$10.00 USD
29-04-2016CanadaDaniel Giguere$5.00 USD
25-04-2016PhilippinesJuan Karlo$5.00 USD
24-04-2016AustraliaPaul King$20.00 USD
26-03-2016United StatesEDWARD SPONGBERG$10.00 USD
18-03-2016United StatesArturo H Campos$15.00 USD
28-12-2015United StatesLarry Johnson$20.00 USD
10-12-2015United StatesPaul Cambria$100.00 USD
09-12-2015KenyaNjami George$1.00 USD
22-11-2015United StatesAndrew Holcomb$10.00 USD
30-10-2015GermanyMarkus Wotringer$10.00 USD
14-10-2015United StatesJon Loveless$10.00 USD
09-10-2015United StatesCome 2U Computers$10.00 USD
07-10-2015IsraelLeonid Ostrovski$0.50 USD
15-09-2015GreeceAthanasios Lois$10.00 USD
10-08-2015United StatesSubrat Sahoo$10.00 USD
11-06-2015United StatesMohammed AL Jeaid$10.00 USD
29-04-2015ChinaLiu Juan$2.00 USD
01-04-2015United StatesAlan Morison$20.00 USD
23-03-2015United StatesRobert Scott$20.00 USD
19-03-2015United StatesHoward Collier$100.00 USD
25-12-2014IndiaAshish Kulkarni$10.00 USD
21-12-2014FloridaCarlos Porter$20.00 USD
28-10-2014CanadaLen Croft$5.00 USD
07-08-2014United StatesJohnathan James$10.00 USD
28-03-2014United StatesDan Chira$15.00 USD

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  1. Hi, you should consider another payment way to donate or ‘buy me a coffee‘, g-pay for example. Paypal doesn’t work in my case, I don’t know even why, and g-pay don’t ask me even who I am, just accepts transaction.


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