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Fleury pranks Crosby, tapes equipment during NHL Media Tour

Wild goalie, Penguins forward continue back-and-forth mischievous battle

by Lauren Merola @laurmerola / Staff Writer

Sidney Crosby may have been a few minutes late to Media Day.

Minnesota Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury pranked Pittsburgh Penguins forward Sidney Crosby at the 2022 NHL North American Player Media Tour at Lifeguard Arena in Henderson, Nevada, on Saturday. Fleury arrived at the locker room first to tape all of Crosby's equipment together.

Fleury also hid a full cup of water under Crosby's helmet, which he placed on the top shelf of Crosby's locker.

When Crosby complimented the prankster, Fleury denied all allegations.

"It wasn't me, though," Fleury said. "I got here and it was like that."

Tweet from @mnwild: Dontcha know, payback is best served with 7 rolls of clear tape! 😈🌸 pranks longtime friend, Sidney Crosby, during the #NHLMediaTour.#mnwild

Crosby and Fleury are longtime friends. They won three Stanley Cup championships with the Penguins during the 2008-09, 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons.

Fleury's pranks, however, date back even longer.

Tweet from @GoldenKnights: hockey season is around the cornerbut prank season never ends🌸 is always in mid-prank season form 😂👏

Crosby isn't Fleury's only target. No one's safe from his pranks, not even the sports broadcasters Fleury sees in the locker room.

Tweet from @penguins: Marc-Andre Fleury, pranking like a champ since 2003. #FBF

In the past, Crosby took his shots where he could. According to Fleury, Crosby filled his gear with gum last year, so, naturally, Fleury had to tape Crosby's equipment together with seven rolls of tape.

"He's got a lot of experience doing this," Crosby said. "There'll be retaliation, don't worry."

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