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Hannah Bloom

Age 17, Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC

To know Hannah is to understand her love for the Montreal Canadiens! As she has grown older, her passion for the NHL has only deepened and it has become a true source of joy in her life. She loves to introduce new people to the sport whenever she can and strives to share her passion for the game with anyone who is willing to listen! Thanks to her outspoken nature, her friends, teachers, classmates, and relatives have all quickly learned that she is the go-to person for an opinion on the latest news in the professional sports world. Returning for her second season with Power Players, Hannah can't wait to welcome the newcomers with the same warmth and kindness she was welcomed with last year! Hannah is also an Honours Social Science student with a concentration in commerce at John Abbott College in her first year in cegep as she aspires to one day have a career revolving around her passion for sports! She dreams of inspiring other women to be involved with sports, much like the incredible women who created this Youth Advisory Board have done for her!

Ryan Burns

Age 16, Attleboro, MA

Ryan Burns is a second-year participant in the NHL Power Players Program. He is 16 years old and lives in Attleboro, MA. He is, of course, a Bruins fan. Ryan plays football and rugby and loves both. Along with watching hockey, he enjoys the NFL and college football. He is a huge fan of the Patriots and Notre Dame. Hockey, however, is what he enjoys watching the most. The excitement around the sport and its atmosphere is amazing to Ryan. Someday, Ryan hopes to be an athletic trainer, possibly for a team. After the Bruins, his second favorite team is the Blackhawks followed by the Flames and Panthers. Experiencing rivalries and emotions running high is what makes the NHL so fun for Ryan to follow. Ryan is excited for the season to start and grateful the Power Players for the opportunity, he hopes to make it a great year!

Arya Bhushan

Age 17, St. Louis, MO

Arya has been an avid St. Louis Blues fan since the 2014 playoffs when he witnessed his team win two electrifying overtime games in a row. In 2019 he cheered his team on as they completed the greatest comeback in sports history to win the Stanley Cup. Arya spends time everyday blogging hockey opinion articles, reading hockey news, listening to his favorite YouTubers analyze the sport, and of course, watching hockey games! When he's not watching hockey, you can find Arya playing EA NHL 22 on his Xbox, playing chess in the nation's chess capital, or volunteering in his community. As a second year Power Player, Arya looks forward to continuing to work with the NHL to promote the game of hockey so all youth can partake in this extraordinary sport!

Brook Chapman

Age 14, Potomac, MD

Brook has been a hockey fan all his life. His father grew up in Buffalo and was a hockey fan throughout his childhood and had a huge impact on Brook's love for the game. To know Brook, you must know his love for the Washington Capitals. Ever since he moved from Atlanta to the D.C. area when he was five, Brook has loved to watch and cheer for the Caps. He feels lucky to have had the once in a lifetime experience of seeing his favorite team get their first Stanley Cup win. When he's not watching the Caps, you'll find Brook hanging out with friends IRL (in real life) and on Snapchat, playing hockey on his high school varsity team and volunteering with his church. Brook is looking forward to working with the Power Players to spread the love of the game of hockey.

Alero Eribo, Age 17

Cote Saint Luc, QC

Alero Eribo is 17 years old and originally from Lagos, Nigeria. Alero moved to Canada a little over three years ago and two years later, she discovered and fell in love with ice hockey. Alero is also the founder of HockeyGirlz, an organization she created last year to help provide free resources to girls in hockey. With this organization, she is working with other coaches to provide free resources on her website ( to help them learn and iMovie their hockey skills for free. She is also working with the Cote Saint Luc Minor hockey association to begin a free program that will introduce girls in the city into hockey for free. When she's not doing hockey related activities, she likes to watch Netflix and relax. It works magic!

Madeline Frino

Age 17, Winston-Salem, NC

Born and raised in the South, it wasn't until receiving extra downtime during quarantine that Madeline discovered her love for hockey. The perfect combination of fast-paced action on the ice and passion off it had her hooked. As an intern for an artist management group, this discovery led her to explore the intersection of the music industry and professional sports. Madeline idolizes activists in the space such as R. Renee Hess and Brock McGillis, and aims to follow their lead in promoting diversity and inclusion. She also spends a little too much screen time checking the CapFriendly and Evolving-Hockey sites. She hopes to honor the sport's storied tradition whilst daring to take steps forward to grow the game as a Power Player.

Will Gladstone

Age 17, Arlington, MA

Will is a Junior at Concord Academy in Concord, Massachusetts. His earliest hockey memory is when he was six years old and went to his first Bruins game, his first professional sports game. Ever since then he has been a die-hard Bruins and hockey fan; going to games, keeping up with news around the league, and watching every game he can. He loves playing the EA NHL games with his friends and talking about the Bruins. His favorite players are Kevan Miller and Brad Marchand and watching the physical aspect they bring to the game. When he's not talking about the Bruins you can find him watching Star Wars, Avatar, The Office, or entertaining his three dogs. Another thing you can find Will doing in his free time is shipping out blue socks all across the world to raise money for the blue-footed booby, a blue footed bird that lives in the Galapagos. In 2016, he learned the population was declining and no one knew why so he created The Blue Feet Foundation with his brother to sell blue socks to raise money for research into the decline of the blue footed bird. Since 2016 he has sold over 20,000 pairs of socks to people in over 50 countries and raised over $150,000 for blue-footed booby research. That doesn't include the $20 Brad Marchand gave him when he bought socks for his kids (because that $20 bill is framed on Will's bedroom wall). The Blue Feet Foundation has over 30,000 social media followers who Will educates about the blue-footed booby (and the occasional Bruins fact when he can sneak it in).

Aidan Gunn

Age 16, Bowie, MD

Aidan is a junior in high school and enjoys the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling, which includes taking courses at his local community college. As the oldest of four kids, his brotherly duties often include being a personal hockey coach for his siblings. Aidan has played hockey for four years and spent a season coaching while he was out with health issues. He plays for the Bowie Bruins, and recently worked with their social media team to interview prominent Bowie Hockey alumni. Away from school and the rink, Aidan loves listening to music, hanging out with his friends, cycling, and going on runs with his dog, Monty. Aidan is an aspiring sports broadcaster but has a passion for journalism of any kind. Recently, he became a member of his city's youth council, where his job is to represent the interests of kids in his community and provide input to the Mayor and Bowie City Council. He is a returning member of the Play By Play Sports Broadcasting program, and loves to compete in various Model UN events throughout the year. Last year's season of Power Players gave him so many opportunities and friendships, and he's very grateful to be back for another term. He can't wait to meet the new members and get to work!

Faith Harris

Age 15, Brandywine, MD

Faith grew up in a hockey family and was always intrigued in the game. She became a die-hard fan in 2018 during her hometown team, The Washington Capitals' Stanley Cup run. Since then, hockey has been just about her whole life. Faith has always had a passion for writing and with that wants to turn her love for hockey into a career in sports journalism. Some people she looks up to in association with the NHL are Samantha Pell, the beat reporter for Washington Capitals, and the Black Girl Hockey Club, who gave her a sense of community in the league. Outside of hockey, Faith enjoys playing softball, covering sports in her school's newspaper, and being involved on social media. Faith is excited to meet her fellow members and share ideas from different perspectives across North America.

Josefina Helm

Age 17, Chattanooga, TN

Josefina is a very passionate Nashville Predators fan from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She fell in love with the game in the third grade, watching the LA Kings win their first two Stanley Cups in franchise history. When she moved from Indiana back to Tennessee, she began following the Predators to root for her home team. Her fondest memory is when the Predators made it to the finals in 2017, and even though they didn't win the cup, getting to see people in a state that's not very big on hockey start following the sport was very important to her.

Josefina is currently a senior at Center for Creative Arts, where she studies music. She's the principal tuba player for the wind ensemble, is on the student government team, is the editor-in-chief for the school paper and participates in the Model UN and Youth in Government programs. Outside of school, Josefina also writes for PuckEmpire. In the future, Josefina hopes to pursue a career in sports management and work in the hockey industry.

Allison Hill

Age 17, Henderson, NV

Allison is a 17-year-old high school senior from Las Vegas, Nevada and is very excited to return to the Power Players for a second season. Despite being a newer NHL fan, she has been a life-long fan of hockey. Her current favorite team is the Vegas Golden Knights and has loved being part of the growing hockey community in Vegas since the beginning. She even runs a Twitter fan account for her cat, Fleury (@fleurythevgkcat)! Allison spends her time cheering for the different Vegas hockey teams as well as the Las Vegas Aces WNBA team. She also loves doing anything creative from theatre to dance to music. In the future, Allison hopes to go to university for engineering or business while still being an active part of the hockey community.

Emma Hughes

Age 16, Morristown, NJ

Emma fell in love with game of hockey at the age of 12 and she currently plays for both her club team and varsity for her high school Morristown Beard. Emma is engaged in spreading support for growth of girls hockey via her petition to Bring Hockey Barbie To The USA and hard at work with NAMEPA (North American Maritime Environmental Protection Association) to spread the message of saving our oceans!

She is very excited to be joining the NHL PowerPlayers for a second season to help grow the game for all!

Blake Humphrey

Age 13, Toronto, ON

Blake lives in Toronto, Canada and has a passion for playing and watching sports, but his love for hockey tops all. He is a 13-year-old in grade eight who plays competitive AA Hockey and knows hockey stats like no one else. Blake is a Seattle Kraken and Toronto Maple Leafs fan and he also enjoys playing shinny and hanging out with friends along with spending time with his family in cottage country during summer breaks.

Gabriella Kaplan

Age 15, Austin, TX

Gabriella Kaplan is 15 years old, originally from Boston, MA, but currently resides in Austin, TX. She am a huge Boston Bruins fan, and also loves the Montreal Canadiens as her mother is from Montreal. Gabriella was a figure skater for four years but decided to switch to hockey about six months ago at her local rink. Currently, she is taking Girls Development and Learn to Play with the goal of joining a recreational girls team. About a month ago, Gabriella also started coaching Snowplow in the learn to skate hockey program. Outside of hockey, she has been a Girl Scout for ten years and is also a singer/songwriter. Gabriella released her first music single back in April called "Your Name."

Zach Kay

Age 16, Toronto, ON

Zach has been a Montreal Canadiens fan since the moment he was born, although growing up in Toronto, that hasn't always been easy. He has been involved with hockey in different ways throughout his life, as a player for the Forest Hill Force, as a referee, and as a dedicated fan. Zach is a proud champion of his team's Minor Bantam success, which is yet to be replicated. Zach has been a continuous honours student at TannenbaumCHAT, the former high school of Edmonton Oiler, Zach Hyman. Kay hasn't reached his on-ice potential to the extent that Hyman has. Consequently, he has replaced his dream of making the NHL by taking an interest in hockey analytics and advanced stats; with his new goal of working for his favourite team's front office. Zach is looking forward to getting started with the NHL Power Players for his first year and is excited to expand the NHL fan base to youth worldwide.

Kali Mick

Age 17, Denver, CO

Kali became a hockey fan before she could walk when she first encountered the Stanley Cup during a cross-country promotional tour. Since then, she's become a die-hard Colorado Avalanche fan with a soft spot for her original hometown team, the San Jose Sharks. She loves going to games (Go Avs Go!) and cheering on her favorite player, Cale Makar. Aside from being a huge hockey fan, Kali is a varsity gymnast, fluent in Mandarin Chinese, captain of her school's speech and debate team, and producer of her school's weekly news show. She is a senior in high school and looks to pursue a post-college career in digital sports marketing, specifically in the world of hockey. Kali is passionate about proving that hockey is for everyone and is honored to have the opportunity to work with other young fans to help this wonderful sport grow.

Tina Nguyen

Age 17, Toronto, ON

Tina is currently a senior in high school in Mississauga, Ontario. She has always enjoyed playing and watching sports, but really fell in love with hockey when she was in middle school. The most recent World Cup of Hockey is what initially piqued her interest in the game. Soon after, the new-look Toronto Maple Leafs with up-and-coming stars like Auston Matthews (her favourite player) captivated her. Now, she can't imagine her life without the sport. She also hasn't missed a Leafs game in over 4 years! Last year, Tina conducted research and assisted the Mississauga Sports Council as a cooperative education student, where she was able to learn about growing and promoting sports in her local community. Tina is an executive member of the Advanced Athletic Analysis club at her school where they discuss and analyze sports, as well as learn about advanced statistics in sports - an area of great interest for her. They discuss their findings on the club's blog, where she contributes as a senior writer. This upcoming season, Tina is going to be volunteering for her city's OHL team, the Mississauga Steelheads. Tina's ultimate goal is to work in the professional sports industry. She is extremely grateful for this opportunity with the NHL Power Players as she hopes to help make hockey more inclusive and accessible; help others see how easy it is to fall in love with this sport.

Dayton O'Donoghue

Age 16, Toronto, ON

Dayton Sloan O'Donoghue is a 16-year-old biracial girl. Hockey is by far her biggest passion. Dayton fell in love with all aspects of the game at a very young age, and over the years, hockey has become much more than a sport to her. Hockey has given Dayton so much and this appreciation has fueled her passion to give back to her community. She regularly volunteers for the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Launchpad, Angel Project Charity, Shoebox Project and she has started a neighbourhood hockey program to teach kids the fundamentals of hockey, from her driveway. In addition, Dayton is very involved in her school's community; she is a school ambassador, a member of the Athletics Council and the head of the Black Student Union, which helps her connect to and highlight a more personal side of her identity. Overall, Dayton is a very determined and dedicated person in her athletics, studies and passions, but she also deeply enjoys relaxing and spending time with family and friends!

Juanjose Pazmino

Age 14, Pembroke Pines, FL

Juanjose is a big NHL fan (he loves looking and analyzing statistics) and is a huge fan of the Florida Panthers.

He plays soccer, plays guitar, loves to read, and loves to play video games, especially NHL 21, Fifa 21 & Rocket League.

Juanjose is a Straight A student, and a Math Competition winner (Broward County 2019). He absolutely loves watching Florida Panthers games at the BB&T Center (got a stick from Noel Acciari in March), and on TV too. He never misses a game and sets aside everything to watch them.

Rylan Sachs

Age 17, Bel Air, MD

Rylan is a passionate Washington Capitals fan. She fell in love with hockey in third grade and has been playing ever since then. She is also a certified level 2 coach and will be coaching Maryland Student Hockey League's North Eastern Junior Varsity team while playing on the Varsity team this season.

Rylan is a senior at Notre Dame Preparatory School. She is very active in her school community as President of the Student Council, Captain of It's Academic, President and lead attorney of Mock Trial, and a member of her school's nationally ranked varsity lacrosse team. Rylan was recently named a 2022 Cameron Impact Scholar Finalist, AP Scholar with Distinction, and National Merit Semifinalist. She hopes to continue playing lacrosse in college.

Rylan lives and breathes hockey; her favorite movie is Miracle, and Herb Brooks is one of her role models. One of her dreams was to visit Lake Placid, a dream that was fulfilled just days before the pandemic. She'll never forget her eighth grade graduation as that was the day that the Capitals won their first Stanley Cup. Hockey has taught Rylan valuable life lessons about hard work, determination, teamwork, and leadership through playing, coaching, and watching the sport. Rylan wants to spread her love of hockey so that others can have similar experiences.

Harnoor Sahota

Age 17, Surrey, BC

Harnoor Sahota is a grade 12 student from Surrey, BC. Hockey has been something she has always loved since she was younger, and she is a huge Vancouver Canucks fan. Harnoor is known as a hardworking, friendly individual who is very talkative and cannot wait to be part of the Power Players Team.

Aaliaan Samnani

Age 16, Edmonton, AB

Aaliaan is a grade 11 student from Edmonton, Alberta. He's been an Oilers fan for as long as he can remember and enjoys watching and going to as many Oilers games as possible. He has played competitive ball hockey since the age of five. Aaliaan plays a variety of percussion instruments from around the world. He likes photography, listening to music, and volunteering. Aaliaan annually fundraises for the World Partnership Walk, an initiative to fight global poverty. He is currently serving as a Youth Team Lead with the Ismaili Volunteers and has been a member on the executive of the youth club within his community. Aaliaan enjoys watching and following a variety of sports including soccer, baseball, and tennis.

Rylie Schmidt

Age 18, Pickerington, OH

Rylie quickly fell in love with her hometown team, the Columbus Blue Jackets in January of 2020. After catching one game on TV, it did not take a lot for her to become quickly invested in the sport, learning everything she could and falling in love with every aspect of this amazing game. From the players to the passionate fan bases surrounding each team, Rylie cherishes every part of the sport and the memories she has made because of her passion for hockey.

She is a current high school senior, and when she is not watching or talking about hockey, Rylie may be found writing, listening to music, or baking. With her time with the Power Players, she is looking forward to growing the game by bringing her perspectives, ideas and advice to the Board. Rylie is elated to have this amazing opportunity to grow the sport that she loves so dearly!

Ali Schreibman

Age 17, Chicago, IL

Ali is a senior at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago, IL. She has been a huge hockey fan since she was eight years old. Ali has grown up in a divided hockey family where she and her dad are Detroit Red Wings fans, while the rest of her family root for the Chicago Blackhawks, so she never misses a Wings vs. Hawks game. Ali is also a hobbyist photographer and loves to photograph her brother's hockey games and other high school sporting events.

When Ali is not following the Red Wings, taking action shots, or screaming her heart out at the United Center, you can find her with her School of Rock Chicago bandmates performing live rock and roll shows at venues or festivals around Chicago or binge-watching murder mysteries with her sister. Ali also acts and sings in her high school theater group.

Ali is so excited to participate in the NHL Power Players program and contribute to spreading the love of her favorite sport!

Keyahn Sethi

Age 15, Binghamton, NY

Keyahn is a high school sophomore and is returning for his second year as an NHL Power Player. Keyahn is an avid hockey player and the sport is his first love. He also plays varsity and travel soccer as well as varsity lacrosse. Keyahn follows a plethora of different sports, spanning from European Soccer to Test Cricket. When Keyahn is not watching sport games and checking scores and stats, he is probably at practice or writing articles for Sports Illustrated Kids.

Aliyah Steinberg

Age 15, Huntington, NY

Aliyah Steinberg is a junior and currently attends Harborfields High School. She is a third generation Islanders fan with an intense passion for hockey. This past summer, she was a participant of the New York Islanders' mentoring program where she learned the ins and outs of a hockey organization. Aliyah is an avid sports fan, and will watch just about any game. She admires Shannon Hogan, sportscaster for the New York Islanders, and AJ Mleczko, two-time Olympian and current sports reporter for NBC and MSG. One day, Aliyah hopes to inspire young girls the same way these women have. She is thankful for her supportive family and friends, for without their encouragement she would not be able to achieve her goals. Aliyah is honored to be a part of the NHL power players and is eager to contribute her ideas and knowledge to the program.

Alvin Stuart

Age 17, Detroit, MI

Alvin is a 17-year-old, African-American young man from Detroit, Michigan and he has been playing hockey for 11 years. Alvin always had a love for hockey but never really understood the factor of him playing. It took time to understand that nothing comes easy and there will be times in life where you need to fight for your success. Playing hockey for most of his life has made Alvin extremely team oriented, not just on the ice, but for those around him, but off the ice too. He has overcome many obstacles that made him who he is today and he hopes to inspire all types of people. Alvin is also passionate about music, makes his own R&B music and loves to cook.

Cailey Thalman

Age 17, Bethesda, MD

Cailey has been "Rocking the Red" for the Washington Capitals since she was three. Her earliest childhood memories include catching pucks from Capitals players during warm-ups, asking defenseman John Carlson what it felt like to block a shot at a fan convention - "It hurts, a lot!" - and taking a behind the scenes tour of the broadcast booth and TV truck for a profile she wrote on Caps play-by-play announcer Joe Beninati. Cailey's fondest Caps memories include celebrating a last-second win in the 2015 Winter Classic, dressing up as KISS for a game against the Bruins and dancing in the streets with thousands of delirious, red-clad fans celebrating the Capitals first Stanley Cup.
Cailey is currently a high school senior and serves as sports editor of her school paper, The Black and White. She writes high school game stories, profiles of sports legends like Cowboys QB Roger Staubach and features including one on the Capitals in-game entertainment production team. Outside of school, Cailey plays defender on a club soccer team, works at an Italian restaurant and travels extensively with her British-American family - she once rode a bicycle 250 miles across Slovenia! She's interned with Minor League Baseball's Bethesda Big Train and with Maryland Congressman, Jamie Raskin. Next year in college she plans to major in broadcast journalism and business. Eventually, she hopes to work as a sports broadcaster and then an NHL team executive.