Can I reuse BBC content and services for my business?

Page updated: 31 March 2022

You’ll need to get our permission first for any business use, and you might have to pay a fee. 

When is it a “business use”?

It’s a business use if you’re using any of our services:

  • Substantially to do your job – as an employee, contractor or consultant

  • For commercial purposes – to make a profit

  • For educational, non-profit, charitable or government uses

Ask for permission to use BBC content here.


There are extra rules for businesses about…

… Using metadata

You’ll need a licence to use our metadata (such as images, text, media and the links to them). Apply for a metadata licence.

… Using BBC iPlayer

People on your premises can use iPlayer to watch programmes live or on demand, or download them.

But you’ll need a TV Licence. For more on that, visit

And you’ll need permission if you want to use iPlayer to play a programme or clip to an audience. Find out more about playing iPlayer to an audience.

You’re not allowed to charge people to use iPlayer.

... Using RSS feeds

You’ll need to get our permission first for any business use of our RSS feeds, and you might have to pay a fee.

Here’s who to contact:

For a licence to use national, regional and local radio RSS feeds in the UK only.

For a licence to use our international-facing radio and online World Service RSS feeds.

For a licence to use podcasts.

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