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Join Andrew Hugill, artist and professor of Music & Creative Computing, on a journey through the colours of the spectrum. Born out of his aurally diverse and synaesthetic sense of hearing, this personal odyssey moves through seven experimental compositions, each reflecting a different colour.
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The Inside Story

Take an intimate sonic journey through the colours of the spectrum

Spectrum Sounds is an experimental sonic composition consisting of seven tracks, born from the listening experiences of Andrew Hugill. Commissioned by the BBC & The Space as part of the 'Culture in Quarantine' programme for disabled artists, Andrew brings his unique perspective as an aurally diverse composer and listener to deliver an intimate sound experience inspired by his day-to-day life.

Andrew’s hearing has several distinctive features, the most notable of which is synaesthetic association. Synaesthesia is often referred to as a mixing or joining of senses where the stimulation of touch, taste, sight, sound or smell triggers an involuntary response in one or more of the other senses. This involuntary response can manifest itself in many different ways and in Andrew's case, it presents through association of colours with certain musical and non-musical sounds. It is this association that serves as the premise for Spectrum Sounds and each of the seven tracks, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet and Purple give a glimpse into what Andrew experiences.

In addition to being a synaesthetic listener, Andrew is autistic. He has heightened sensitivity to patterns and structures in music and is able to pick up on details that others do not always notice and he has the ability to decompose music or soundscape into its constituent parts. This aural and neuro-diversity is a signature of all of the compositions contained within this collection and provide a glimpse into a different way of listening and a different vantage point from which to interact the world.

This rich and beautiful project can be enjoyed as a traditional album or listeners can choose to hear additional information about each piece by selecting the composer's commentary in which Andrew shares the inspiration behind each of the pieces and details about their construction.

If you would like to hear more from Andrew his work is featured in Radio 3‘s New Music Show.

Would you like to produce your own spatial audio experiences? Audio Orchestrator is freely available by request from Connected Studio MakerBox.

This experience requires one main device and two auxiliary devices to play. 

Spectrum Sounds