People go 'quackers' for Chicago rubber duck race

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If you were in Chicago this week, you might have seen something rather unusual floating down the river!

The US city launched its 17th annual rubber duck race on Thursday, known as the Chicago Ducky Derby.

More than 75,000 rubber ducks took part in the charity event.

It was all to raise money for a project called the Special Olympics Illinois, which supports athletes with learning disabilities.

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To raise money for the derby, every single one of the 'duck-letes' that took part in the race was sponsored by a member of the public for a small fee.

In the end, a total 75,005 ducks splashed down into the Chicago River, with $332,776 (£275,648) raised for charity!

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The ducks entered the water by falling from a truck positioned on the Columbus Bridge.

And by 1pm, the race started!

The ducks were herded through the water by a boat with a massive water hose helping to move them forward.

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Floating between two bumpers, the course narrowed until one duck emerged through the course as the winner!

The winner of the race was held aloft, but the prize winner is yet to be announced.

After the race, every single duck was collected from the river by officials - and duck fans had the option of buying one of the participating ducks as a souvenir!

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