Endangered giraffe Ballyhenry born at Belfast Zoo

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Belfast Zoo

A baby giraffe is the latest addition to a family of endangered Rothschild giraffes at Belfast Zoo!

Named Ballyhenry or 'handsome Henry', the calf arrived on 31 July to the joy of zoo staff and conservationists.

Rothschild giraffes are originally from North Africa and are famous for being some of the tallest subspecies of giraffe, growing up to 6 metres!

But in 2010, they were added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature's endangered list, meaning their population is under threat.

So when a new baby giraffe like Henry is born, there is extra cause for celebration!

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Rothschild giraffes can grow as tall as 6 metres!

Belfast Zoo has welcomed 39 calves since Rothschild giraffes were introduced to the zoo in 1998!

Giraffes born at Belfast Zoo are usually named after places in Northern Ireland that begin with 'Bally'.

Ballyhenry, who was born to mum Casey, is now the younger brother of sibling Ballyronan.

It's thought that there are only 2,000 Rothschild giraffes left in the wild because of years of illegal hunting.

"We're delighted to welcome little Henry to the herd at Belfast Zoo," zoo manager Alyn Cairns said.

Alyn added that they were proud of Belfast Zoo's programme which, along with other zoos around the world, was helping to create a "safety net" for the Rothschild subspecies.

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