Speeding driver who waved at police as he failed to stop is jailed

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A banned driver who waved at police before going almost double the speed limit has been jailed for 14 months.

Mohammed Rafiq, 50, overtook vehicles and "made no intention of stopping or slowing down".

He was later caught after reaching a dead end in the north side of the city in the incident in June last year.

Rafiq pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and without insurance.

The court heard officers on the M77 did a check on Rafiq's grey Lexus which found there was no insurance on the vehicle.

Emergency blue lights and sirens were activated for Rafiq to pull over and stop.

Prosecutor Carrie Stevens said: "The driver reacted to the lights and siren and had his driver window down.

"He waved the police vehicle past and the officer initiated a vehicle pursuit."

Rafiq initially went in excess of the 50mph speed limit, and continued to change lanes and overtake vehicles.

Ms Steven said: "Upon reaching junction 14 of the M8 eastbound the vehicle was travelling at 95mph in the 50 limit."

Rafiq almost collided with central reservations at speeds of 90mph and crossed chevron markings near Cumbernauld Road.

Ms Stevens added: "He turned right on to Scott Street and on to a pedestrian underpass were he was forced to stop at a concrete bollard."

Rafiq left the vehicle and surrendered to officers.

It was found he was disqualified in December 2017 until Boxing Day 2022.

Pat Campbell, defending, told the court that Rafiq was lucky not to be facing more serious charges.

Sheriff Iain Fleming banned Rafiq from driving for four years on top of the jail sentence.

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