Stick Man thought stolen from High Littleton yarn bombing trail

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Image source, Sandra Roberts
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Now you see him (right), now you don't - Where has Stick Man gone?

The Stick Man star of a yarn bombing trail is thought to have been stolen three days after being put in place.

The figure was based on the character in the Stick Man book - written by Gruffalo author Julia Donaldson - that follows him as he tries to return home.

But now organisers of the High Littleton trail, near Bath, worry the knitted counterpart faces a similar ordeal after going missing.

Knitter Sandra Roberts said: "We can't find Stick Man anywhere."

The village of High Littleton puts on a knitted trail every year with a different theme.

This year it was the A to Z of fruit and veg, with different characters dotted all over the area.

Ms Roberts said Stick Man was put in place last Saturday, but by Tuesday he was gone.

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Organisers have appealed for anyone with any information to get in touch

"Because the story involves Stick Man going to look for his family, I thought maybe someone was going to pop him down Greyfield Woods and create a little story all of its own, but we've heard nothing at all, so really not sure where he is," Ms Roberts said.

"He's about 4ft tall, and he was part of the trail so he was adorned with apples - he has a green apple crown and he was wearing a thread of apples all over his body.

"He's not something you can pop in your pocket."

She added: "It's very disappointing to think you've put a lot of effort on and put out for people to enjoy, and it's only lasted three days before he has done a runner."

Another volunteer knitter, Carolyn Dewhirst, said: "He's just gone. We do want him back."

Organisers have appealed to anyone who may know who has taken him to please ask them to return him as he was one of the children's favourite characters.

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