Horrible Histories: Raid and Trade Game

In this game you are a Norse God or Goddess. Lucky you.

You must watch over the Viking people, the Jarls, Karls and Thralls in your village.

Basically, your job is to make sure that the village is kept safe, manage resources like food, wood and iron and unlock levels and explore the world on a Viking longship.

You will need to watch out for the pesky Norse God Loki. He’s a tricksy one, always trying to cause trouble.

Play the game and see if you can make it from 750 AD to 1066 AD!

New Viking games have been added!

The Vicious Viking games are underway in the Horrible Histories: Raid and Trade game.

Play 4 excitingly treacherous mini-games and if you fancy taking part in the challenges scroll down!

How many axes could a Viking chuck if a Viking could chuck axes? Play Brynja Bloodaxe’s Chucking Challenge and find out!

Swap your steel blades for wooden oars and show us what you’re made of in Ragnarr the Raven’s Rhythm Rampager.

Feed all the Jarls at Helga Half-Troll’s Friendship Feast. Remember, Jarls don’t like to be kept waiting…

Or compete in The Snorri Salmon-Face Fishing Cup! Can you fill Snorri’s fishing basket, or will things go down-stream from here!

Throw, Row, Feed and Fish to earn high scores and see if you can beat your high score every time you play!

Are you Viking enough?

Tie Break Challenge: Result

And the winning team is......TEAM TYR!

Well done and huge congratulations!!! Wear your (metaphorical) crown with pride.

And well done to Team Freya, it was a very close battle.

Thank you to all the teams for completing the Viking game challenges, you all fought valiantly.

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