Why you are going to love Canada's Drag Race

You loved the American and British versions... now it's Canada's time to shine.

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RuPaul's Drag Race UK had us jaw-dropped, and gagging, and the Bafta-nominated series quickly became a must watch - with millions tuning in every Thursday. We all love RuPaul's Drag Race UK, so while we impatiently wait for the second series, BBC Three has kindly parachuted in the Canadian sisterhood to save our summer and Friday nights.

From Friday 3 July, BBC Three will be airing the first ever series of Canada's Drag Race. 

Here's everything you need to know... 

Fans of Drag Race UK won't be disappointed 

This new addition to the Drag Race family has all the elements that turned the franchise into a cult TV favourite. 

We can assure you that the Werk Room stays, contestants will carry on lip syncing for their lives and the queens are still as fierce as ever.

Like Drag Race UK the famous drag race challenges are there: the Snatch Game, the reading challenges, the sewing challenge... but with a Canadian twist.

RuPaul is not a judge in the series but Mama Ru will continue to deliver her weekly challenges via "Ru-mail".

Who are the judges on Canada's Drag Race?

Leading the Canadian queens are Drag Race finalist Brooke Lynn Hytes, actor Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and model Stacey Mckenzie.

Drag Race Canada
Stacey Mckenzie, Brooke Lynn Hytes and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman (left to right)

Speaking about the series, Brooke hopes that "people will fall in love with it and embrace it the way they have embraced its American sister."

Each week the judges will be joined by celebrity guest hosts such as singer Deborah Cox and legendary Drag Race judge Michelle Visage. Word on the street is that Drag Race UK queen Crystal makes a cameo in the series, too.

Is there a trailer for Canada's Drag Race?

When can I watch Canada's Drag Race?

The first series will air exclusively on BBC Three on Friday 3 July in the UK.

Where can I watch Canada's Drag Race?

You can watch the 10 episode series weekly on BBC iPlayer. It drops only a few hours after it premieres in Canada.

Who are the queens on Canada's Drag Race?

Queen Anarstazia Anaqua, East York

Drag Race Canada

"I'm a pageant queen, I'm always competing; sewing challenges, design challenges that's what I'm here for."

Bitch On Arrival, Toronto

Drag Race Canada

"I love taking risks, I'm always trying to do something crazy, different and out of the box.

"You're not going to get the same cute dress with a heel and a wig."

Ilona Verney, Vancouver

Drag Race Canada

Two-spirit indigenous queen Ilona Verney identifies as non-binary, and talks about how drag has helped them bring out both sides of their personality.

"I'm female brained and male bodied, so by doing drag I was able to give a physical face to how I feel on the inside."

Jimbo, Victoria

Drag Race Canada

"Winning this crown would mean the world to me, and I would know Mama Ru is so proud of her beautiful little daughter Jimbo."

Juice Boxx, Toronto

Drag Race Canada

"I can really slay whatever you give me whether that's acting, dancing, if I have to lip sync for my life, you're going to see how good I am at delivering a performance."

Kiara, Montreal

Drag Race Canada

"Drag gives me so much confidence about my body, I didn't really like my body before doing drag and being praised for how I look gave me this confidence and love for myself."

Kyne, Kitchener-Waterloo

Drag Race Canada

"I've always been my own storyteller, because I think I straddle the past and future in terms of drag being more digital. I'm a queen that can usher a new generation."

Lemon, New York

Drag Race Canada

Lemon has the least experience out of the bunch, but that doesn't make her nervous.

"I grew up as a professional dancer, and that was always something for me, a very beautiful artistic outlet. But when I found drag it felt different , it felt like something finally clicked."

Priyanka, Toronto

Drag Race Canada

"The reason why I picked the name Priyanka, is because I wanted queer people of colour to have somebody in the community who is really repping their culture."

Rita Baga, Montreal

Drag Race Canada

"I'm going to be a quiet killer and slowly kill the competition one by one."

Scarlett Bobo, Toronto

Drag Race Canada

Scarlett has been doing drag for twelve years and thinks her biggest strength is "not conforming and not changing what I've been doing for twelve years."

Tynomi Banks, Toronto

Drag Race Canada

"People treat Canada like a petite little girl, we're very powerful and there is great talent here. We're like a force."

How can I keep up with Canada's Drag Race?

You can keep up to date with Canada's Drag Race information on this page, the show's programme page, or on BBC Three's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

Keep your eyes peeled for an online party, preview clips and interviews with sashaying queens.