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People Just Do Nothing: 'I've never really had a proper job'

As the People Just Do Nothing archive launches on BBC iPlayer, Kurupt FM tells BBC Three all about what it is like to run a pirate radio station

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BBC Three comedy series People Just Do Nothing follows a group of aspiring MCs and DJs as they run pirate radio station, Kurupt FM, from a flat in Brentford.

The BAFTA award-winning show, recently wrapped up their movie People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan, scheduled to release later this year.

The mockumentary series has been on our screens since 2014, and now all episodes are available to binge on iPlayer.

The Kurupt FM crew, which is MC Grindah, Chabuddy G, Steves and Beats, will be watching an episode live on the BBC Three YouTube channel today at 7pm. 

Here, they reminisce about some of their favourite moments from all five series.

What are some of your favourite memories with each other?

Beats: There’s so many. We literally used to spend every day with each other. If Grindah hadn’t heard from me for a few hours he’d turn up at Roche’s asking what was going on.

MC Grindah: I reckon doing our own club night has gotta be up there. Giving back to the fans in a way, finally letting them see us do our thing live.

Chabuddy G: The Champagne Steam Rooms. The crown on my glory.

Beats: The sexiest club night in Brentford since under-18s at the Fountain Leisure Centre.

MC Grindah: Well, don’t say sexy, that sounds a bit…

Beats: Oh yeah…

Chabuddy G: We had to shut down in the end, partly because of an asbestos scare and partly because I was down 10K and had to declare bankruptcy and change my identity. That’s business!

What's the worst job you've ever had?

MC Grindah: Never really had a proper job to be honest, I work for myself. When you’re an artist you have to dedicate yourself to the music, do you know what I mean?

Beats: Yeah it would be almost selfish for Grindah to have a normal job cos he's too talented.

MC Grindah: Exactly.

Beats:Steves what about that medical job you used to do?

Steves: Oh yeah I used to get paid to be one of those medical research guinea pigs but they stopped using me cos the drugs weren’t affecting me at all.

MC Grindah: Tolerance was too strong.

Steves: I’m basically immune to a lot of drugs.

What are the biggest challenges to setting up a pirate radio station?

Beats: The dirty Babylon.

MC Grindah: That’s Jamaican for police.

Beats: The government doesn’t want you to listen to real music.

Steves: They just want you walking around in silence breathing in 5G.

Chabuddy G: We will climb your 5G tower and put our aerial on it mate, super strength.

MC Grindah: Great, now you’ve told them where the aerial is.

Roughcut Television/ Jack Barnes

If there is one episode people should watch during lockdown which one should it be and why?

Beats: Watch them all. You’ve got nothing else to do.

Chabuddy G: But definitely the Ipswich one where we played in a proper club.

What are the top five songs on Kurupt’s playlist at the moment?

MC Grindah: Get Out the Way, Heart Monitor Riddim, Suttin Like Dat, A Dis One, … er… Have we got any others?

Beats: Nah…

Steves: Get Out the Way Spooky Remix?

MC Grindah: Perfect.

Who have been your biggest supporters?

Beats: Probably the BBC. When Grindah first started going around telling all the big channels that they need to follow him around cos he’s the next one up and was about to blow they were the only ones who believed it.

MC Grindah: And YouTube, they was on it early on: “Oh, please let us put your videos online!”

Beats: I swear anyone can upload videos on there?

MC Grindah: Yeah but they still have to OK them all, shows they were fans of our work.

Beats: Good point, that was really nice of them actually.

Steves: Thank you YouTube.

MC Grindah: No need to thank them. They should be thanking us.