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So you’ve got your eye on a guy because of his beautiful body or his sharp style, but how do you let him know? Compliments are a great way to show a guy that you appreciate him, as well as build up some chemistry in a relationship, especially at its early stages.[1] If you’re looking for the best compliments to let a guy know you think he’s attractive over text or in-person, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our complete guide on how to compliment a guy’s appearance.

This article is based on an interview with our dating coach, John Keegan. Check out the full interview here.

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“You’re super striking.”

  1. Your guy will love knowing that he makes an impression. You don’t necessarily need to get into the specifics of what makes a guy attractive to you—just let him know that his looks have caught your attention. These casual compliments can start a really nice conversation:[3]
    • "You sort of shine."
    • "I’ll be honest: your looks really caught my eye."
    • "You’re good-looking enough to stand out in any crowd."

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“Have you been working out? You look good.”

  1. Let your guy know his hard work is paying off. He’ll absolutely love you admiring his physique. Point out how sexy his arms look in the t-shirt he’s wearing, compliment his abs the next time he takes off his shirt, or tell him how perfectly his jeans have been fitting lately. Try one of these compliments:
    • "I see you’ve been going to the gym, handsome."
    • "Your arms look great."
    • "Looks like that work you’ve been putting in the gym has been paying off."

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“You have beautiful hair.”

  1. Some guys are proud of their hair, so let him know he should be. A beautiful guy with beautiful hair deserves to know that he’s appreciated. Best of all, a compliment about a guy’s hair is a pretty casual way of letting them know that you like how he looks. Any one of these compliments is a great option:
    • "Your haircut looks great on you!"
    • "I really like how you’ve been growing out your hair."
    • "Your new haircut has you looking like such a snack."
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“You’ve got such cute ears!”

  1. Get a little quirky with your compliments. Giving a guy a hyper-specific compliment can make him laugh and feel flattered at the same time—and that’s definitely a winning combo. You might try saying something like:
    • "I know it’s a little weird, but you have great-looking feet."
    • "You have a great jawline."
    • "You could cut something with those cheekbones!"

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“I love watching you walk.”

  1. How someone moves is a key part of their attractiveness. Most people aren’t aware of how they look when they’re moving, so letting a guy know that he looks good doing it gives your flirting more originality and punch. Say something like:
    • "You’ve got a sexy swagger."
    • "You move with so much class."
    • "I can tell you’re a great dancer just by watching you!"
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“You have great style!”

  1. Your guy will love hearing that his clothes caught your eye. Clothes are part of our identity, and telling a guy that you like the way he dresses goes beyond just a simple comment about his appearance—it can also show him that you appreciate the person that he is. Say something like:[4]
    • "That shirt looks great on you!"
    • "Your glasses make you look like Clark Kent."
    • "I gotta say that I wish I dressed half as well as you."

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“You have really soulful eyes.”

  1. Everyone knows the eyes are windows to the soul. Giving a guy a compliment about his eyes can make him feel seen and appreciated in a way that other compliments just don’t accomplish. This kind of compliment can foster a deeper connection between you two. Say something like:[5]
    • "You have intelligent eyes."
    • "I could look at your eyes for hours."
    • "Your eyes sparkle."
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“When God made you, he was seriously showing off.”

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