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😝🙁😫 Kyanite is a beautiful blue stone touted for its cleansing abilities, but what should you do when it needs some TLC? Kyanite doesn’t need cleansing often, but doing so will help you enjoy its pain relieving, anxiety soothing, mind sharpening properties to the max. Metaphysically, blue kyanite is especially helpful for clearing your throat chakra, which governs your ability to communicate. This stone is susceptible to water damage, so we’ve put together a handy list of other ways to cleanse your kyanite safely. If you’re ready to let the good vibes flow from your kyanite, keep scrolling!

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Let it soak up the sun for a half hour.

  1. Sunlight is a fast, easy, and powerful way to cleanse and charge crystals. Place your kyanite outdoors or on a sunny windowsill and let it absorb the natural light for about 30 minutes. Direct sunlight is best, but you can even feel results on a cloudy day, too.[1]
    • To get the cleansing and charging effects of the sun and moon, leave the stone out during dawn or dusk so it gets both lights.
    • Alternatively, lay your kyanite on top of another stone that has been charged with sunlight to get a similar cleansing effect.
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Rest it on a moonlit windowsill overnight.

  1. Moonlight is a pure, gentle, benevolent beam of cleansing energy. Lay your kyanite on a windowsill that receives strong moonlight (or even outside on a patio) and let it absorb lunar energy throughout the night. For an extra deep and long lasting cleanse, perform this ritual during a full moon.[2]
    • Kyanite is delicate, so make sure you rest it in a safe place where it won’t roll and fall during the night.
    • Absorbing moonlight is also a way to charge kyanite and other crystals with positive energy.
    • This is also known as "aether" cleansing.

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Bury it in brown rice for several hours.

  1. Surprisingly, brown rice is an easy and effective way to cleanse crystals. Fill a bowl with dry, uncooked brown rice and set your kyanite on top. If desired, add more rice to cover the stone completely. Let it sit for up to 24 hours until the negative energy has been pulled out by the rice.[3]
    • Give your stone a quick rinse and pat it dry afterwards.
    • Throw away the rice after this cleansing ritual. It’s saturated with bad vibes, so you definitely don’t want to use or eat it!
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Cover the stone in Himalayan salt for a day.

  1. Salt is another easy and excellent way to absorb bad vibes from a crystal. Fill a bowl with Himalayan salt and rest your kyanite on top. Add more salt to bury the stone completely and let it sit for up to 24 hours (or until you feel that all the negative energy is gone).[4]
    • After, quickly rinse your kyanite and pat it dry.
    • Make sure to only use dry salt. Some crystals benefit from a long saltwater soak, but kyanite is too soft to be in water (especially abrasive saltwater) for that long.
    • You can also add herbs like rosemary or small clearing/grounding crystals like hematite.

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Bury it in the earth for up to 3 days.

  1. Earth is one of the strongest, most natural crystal cleansers there is. Dig a small hole and bury the kyanite completely. Mark where you left it and leave it to rest in the earth for up to 3 days. Afterwards, brush off any earth, rinse it, and pat it dry.[5]
    • Burying is a great way to charge your kyanite with the healing, grounding energy of the earth.
    • Earth can absorb large quantities of bad energy in just one cleansing session.
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Rest the stone on a slab of selenite.

  1. Like kyanite, selenite is a self-cleansing stone that can refresh other crystals too. Lay your kyanite in or on a selenite bowl or slab for a few hours—the selenite will pull out and purify any negative energy lodged in your kyanite. Even a small piece of selenite will work as long as it’s touching the kyanite.[6]
    • Selenite can also spiritually cleanse and purify the energy in your home in addition to any other stone or crystal.

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Smudge it with sage smoke for a few minutes.

  1. Smudging with sage is a deeply spiritual, ancient cleansing technique.Light one end of a sage stick until it begins to smoke and then place it in a metal or ceramic bowl. Waft your kyanite through the sage smoke slowly, envisioning all of the negative energy drifting away and fading with the smoke.[7]
    • Perform this ritual outdoors if possible. If you’re smudging inside, open some windows and turn a fan on to let the smoke (and bad energy) out of your home.
    • Sage smoke will spiritually purify the air and your living space, too.
    • Simultaneously charge your crystal by chanting positive affirmations while you smudge. Try things like "I am balanced" or "I feel positivity, kindness, and compassion."
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Waft it through incense smoke.

  1. Like sage, incense smoke cleanses crystals and the space around them.Light one end of an incense stick and place the other end in an incense holder when it begins smoking. Grab your kyanite and move it slowly through the incense smoke for a few minutes or until you sense that the negative energy is gone.[8]
    • Focus on positive thoughts and intentions while you cleanse your kyanite.
    • Use incense native to where you live for a personal touch, or try a specific scent related to an issue you’d like to remedy (for example, floral incense soothes anxiety).

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Bathe kyanite in sound waves for 5 to 10 minutes.

  1. Sound waves effectively wash away negative vibrational frequencies in the stone. Sit or stand near your kyanite and chant, sing, or use a singing bowl, tuning fork, or a bell to generate a constant pitch. Visualize the sound waves breaking over the stone and carrying the bad energy away into the air.[9]
    • If you’re not a singer and don’t have a tuning fork or singing bowl, look up a video or audio clip of crystal cleansing music online.
    • Sound cleansing is a great way to cleanse multiple stones at once or very large stones that are difficult to move.
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Blow bad energy away with your breath.

  1. Your own breath can make negative energy dissipate into the air. Just hold your kyanite in your hand and gently blow on it to disperse the bad vibes swirling around the stone. Meditate and ask the universe to help you cleanse and imagine any stagnant energy dissolving away.[10]
    • Before you begin, set and meditate on an intention to cleanse the stone so you can use it for good later.

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Visualize it shining with white light.

  1. Visualization is a strong, spiritual cleansing method. Hold your kyanite in your dominant hand and imagine it glowing from within with a pure, bright white light. Visualize the light growing brighter and stronger until the stone feels restored.[11]
    • The entire visualization process only takes a few minutes. Your cleansing speed and depth will increase with practice.
    • Meditate on your connection to your kyanite before or during your visualization to activate your spiritual cleansing abilities.
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Rinse it briefly with lukewarm water.

  1. Water is a powerful cleanser, but should be used sparingly with kyanite. Hold your stone under flowing water for 30 seconds to a minute—a natural source like a stream is best, but a sink faucet works just fine. If needed, use a little organic soap or a soft brush to remove marks and fingerprints.[12]
    • Pat the stone dry with a soft towel or tissue to avoid accidentally scratching the surface.
    • Most kyanites are considered "soft" on the Mohs Hardness Scale, meaning they shouldn’t be exposed to water for very long. However, a quick rinse and a gentle scrub are fine (especially for jewelry).
    • In general, use cleansing methods that don’t involve water for kyanite.

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      • Different types of Kyanite range from 4 to 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.[13] In general, stones under a 5 should not get wet because they can become brittle or start to dissolve. If you’re not sure how hard your stone is, avoid cleansing methods involving water.
      • Avoid cleaning your kyanite with abrasive chemicals or cleaning agents.
      • Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner since the vibrations might cause fractures or crazing.

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