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Three-time Olympian, author & professional speaker Sami Jo Small talks to top performers about the ingredients of a successful team helping you to extract skills and tools to become a better teammate

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 12 – Kim St-Pierre

Hockey Hall of Famer and three-time Olympic gold medalist Kim St-Pierre shares insights on her career and lessons learned in a highly competitive environment.

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 11 – LaToya Clarke

LaToya Clarke joins Sami Jo Small about being one of the first Black women to play at the elite hockey level, her career and her career after her retirement.

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 10 – Geraldine Heaney

Hockey Hall of Famer Geraldine Heaney chats with Sami Jo Small about building great organizations and how to not only get to the top, but hstay on top.

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 9 – Cassie Campbell-Pascall

Legendary Olympian and current Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster Cassie Campbell-Pascall shares her insights on leading strong teams and how to ensure your team is getting the most from all it’s members.

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 8 – Wally Kozak

Olympic Gold medal-winning coach, Wally Kozak shares his philosophy on coaching, the role of mentorship and how we can all be better teammates.

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 7 – Becky Kellar

Three-time Olympic Gold medalist Becky Kellar chats with Sami Jo Small about how to reinvent yourself to stay valuable and how to stay at the top of your game.

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 6 – Natalie Spooner

Olympic gold medalist and world champion Natalie Spooner joins Sami Jo Small to share her thoughts on how to bring your best to your team and be a valuable teammate.

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 5 – Daniele Sauvageau

Gold medal-winning coach and general manager, Danièle Sauvageau, chats with host Sami Jo Small about the strength of the teams she creates and her new women's hockey project, Center 21.02.

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 4: Susie Yuen

Susie Yuen, a World Champion in 1990 with Team Canada, shares insights on playing in the first World Women’s Championship, her teammates, her family and coaching in China.

Sami Jo Small Podcast: Episode 3 – Jennifer Botterill

Four-time Olympian, three-time Olympic gold medallist, Harvard grad and NHL hockey analyst Jennifer Botterill joins Sami Jo to share insights on high-performing individuals and teams.

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 2 - Roberta Bartolo

A long-time hockey player, Roberta Bartolo talks about being Black in the hockey world, her time on the University of Manitoba team, and about conquering difficult tasks.

Sami Jo's Podcast: Episode 1 - Cheryl Pounder

Two-time Olympic gold medalist and six-time World Champion Cheryl Pounder joins Sami Jo Small in the debut episode of Sami Jo's Podcast.