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From under threat to thriving: The peregrine falcon's 'remarkable' resurgence

The peregrine falcon is likely to have its conservation status upgraded from rare to secure in South Australia, with experts crediting its comeback from near extinction to an ability to adapt to city living. 

What if the first humans that arrive on Mars can't get out of their spacecraft?

Leaving Earth's gravity does weird things to the body. An Australian-designed spacesuit could be the key to taking humans to Mars — and making sure they can actually climb out of the space craft when they arrive.

Paul hasn't been with Optus since 2018, so why was his data exposed in the breach?

Past Optus customers caught up in the data breach are questioning why the company was still holding on to their information. 

Crypto mining 'arms race' is chewing through more energy than some nations

Emissions from Bitcoin mining jumped 126-fold between 2016 and 2021, and the process used more energy than Austria or Portugal, a new study shows. 

An Australian power grid larger than the UK is being dismantled as remote farmers go solar

An ambitious project to take thousands of West Australian properties off-grid is taking shape. Here's how farmers are finding their new solar power systems.

Third La Niña means World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef coral is at risk of further bleaching, scientists say

With increasing ocean temperatures, world-leading marine researchers say Australia's coral only has a few decades of survival left.

As some countries face rice shortages, Australian researchers achieve a breakthrough in harvesting native rice

Native rice could soon be on the menu at Australian restaurants after it was successfully harvested as a part of a Northern Territory research project. 

How do we get through the climate crisis? Listen to our podcast

Meet the people who are trying to draw the map to a better future.

Reported gas emissions from fossil fuel wells don't match real-world figures, US study finds

Methane emissions from natural gas and oil wells are usually burnt to convert the fugitive gas to carbon dioxide and water vapour. But new research shows the US fossil fuel industry has underestimated how much methane escapes.

James Webb, Hubble telescopes capture new images of DART collision with asteroid

NASA's James Webb and Hubble space telescopes have captured views of the DART spacecraft intentionally smashing into an asteroid in a mission trialling technology for protecting Earth from potential asteroid collisions.

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Tesla says delivering cars is a challenge as analysts predict 'rough patch' due to economy

With fuel prices on the rise and demand for electric vehicles increasing, Tesla is delivering records despite "logistical challenges".

Memorising a password is a familiar ritual, but experts say they have major flaws

As Australians contemplate their online security, the digital world is on the brink of a major change in the way people protect their personal details. But that doesn't mean we'll be saying goodbye to passwords anytime soon.
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Government calls on Optus to 'step up' handling of cyber-attack

By political reporter Stephanie Dalzell
The federal government says Optus has not yet provided government agencies with critical information about customers who had their Medicare or Centrelink details exposed.
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Politicians warned to 'watch out' as integrity commission could access encrypted texts on WhatsApp and Signal

By political reporter Stephanie Dalzell
Australia's Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus warns that the National Anti-Corruption Commission legislation will see the body have the ability to tap the phones of politicians, even if they are messaging on encrypted apps.
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These Canadian fossil hunters dig outback Queensland so much they now spend six months of every year volunteering there

Barb and Gary are a long way from their Nova Scotia roots, but over the past 14 years they have come to love the people and the country so much they now call it "home".
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These tiny ocean creatures may hold the answer to one of the big questions about climate change

Data being collected from zooplankton in the deep waters of the Southern Ocean is allowing scientists to directly measure the impacts of global climate change and whether emissions targets are working.   
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Chantelle Doyle’s partner punched a shark until it let her go. Now she’s throwing punches to protect them

Two years after being bitten by a great white shark, Ms Doyle is preparing to face her fears in the boxing ring to raise money for marine conservation. 

Karin is the first person to run the entire length of the Yarra River. Here's what she learned

Melbourne's Yarra River is often derided for being brown, but ultramarathon runner and advocate Karin Traeger is going to extreme lengths to show how precious the waterway is.
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Elon Musk unveils humanoid robot prototype destined to work in Tesla factories

Elon Musk says the robots will initially do boring or dangerous jobs, but says there's still a lot of work to be done before they hit factory floors. 

When authorities began investigating how this conservation area was damaged, they found asbestos

Environmental authorities in Melbourne are investigating how asbestos ended up in soil covering critically-endangered grassland which was meant to be protected.
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