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The Albany Hotel believed to be Western Australia's oldest hotel hits the market

By Tim Wong-See and John Dobson
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The Albany Hotel circa-1910 with horse railings in place.(Supplied: State Library of WA)

The Albany Hotel, believed to be Western Australia's oldest hotel having served liquor for nearly 200 years, is on the market for the first time in more than 30 years. 

The hotel sits in York Street, in the middle of WA's oldest European settlement of Albany, where it has offered refreshments and respite to patrons.

A pub and hotel is believed to have opened in 1835, with the now heritage-listed building built about 1852.

While records from that era are patchy, it is believed to be the oldest hotel in the state.

The WA Heritage Council says "the Albany Hotel has played an important role in the entertainment and food industry since it was built".

This is one of the oldest images of The Albany Hotel.(Supplied: State Library of WA)
The Albany Hotel in 2022.(ABC Great Southern: John Dobson)

Among those who have graced its wooden floors and timber staircase are former US president Herbert Hoover.

A heritage council report notes the "guest book of c1900 contains an entry by Herbert Hoover, 'Not dead, but sleeping'". 

Hotel keystone of city's history

Owner Russell Poliwka, who bought the hotel in 1990, said while the landscape around the hotel had changed as the settlement grew into a city, it remained a historically important landmark.

"The original pictures you can still see the horse rail at the front," Mr Poliwka said.

"This is a significant building in Albany's history … it should never be allowed to be knocked down."

The Albany Hotel is still operating after opening in 1835.(ABC Great Southern: Briana Fiore)

Suzanne Thompson, who is a researcher with the Poliwka Group, said the building was at the heart of the city's history.

"The premises itself, the original building was licensed around 1836, it then evolved into The Horse and Groom, then renamed the Albany Hotel in 1892," she said.

"Originally, it was considerably smaller than the building it is now.

"You speak to the people around Albany they're quite proud of it as a building. I think they'd like it restored to its former glory."

The hotel will be sold through an expression of interest (EOI) process.

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Posted , updated